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“Ali is the rare kind of person who can acutely observe human behavior and mine it for storytelling that balances sharp insight with much-needed levity” - NYLON Magazine

Hi! I’m Ali, a TV writer (The Morning Show), producer (Comedy Central), and actor (The End of Us, SXSW). Maybe you know me from the dozens of short films & videos I’ve written and directed, which have nearly 1 billion views online and have gone viral in virtually every space, from the front page of Reddit to playing on The TODAY Show. Maybe you’ve followed me on Instagram or Twitter since my BuzzFeed days, taken one of my writing classes, or are here after finding my worldwide writing & Yoga retreats. Or, most likely of all, you’re discovering my existence right now as you read this from the magical community that is Substack. 

“Little Things is a remix of the literary salon. An antidote to creative loneliness. A therapy session. Cocktails with a friend. Ali shares tips and insights with optimism and humor. If you're a writer looking for community, this is a great place to start.” — Pablo Andreu

What Do You Write About?

This is a newsletter and community space dedicated to the spiritually challenging parts of creating. We’re here to rediscover our love for the process, and attempt to let go of our attachment to the result. It’s REALLY HARD to take care of yourself spiritually and creatively when you make a living (or strive to) from your art. Little Things offers you support and community while we navigate the wild life we’ve chosen for ourselves as creators.

The subject is deeply personal to me, a recovering anxious workaholic, who now integrates spiritual practices into my everyday life out of pure necessity. I’m a triple fire sign. I’d explode otherwise.

This is a space for us to PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH! Community experiences are an ongoing and unique element of this newsletter — this Spring, dozens of us did The Artist’s Way together in the subscriber chat. There will be lots more to come!

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Beyond community experiences, expect curated recommendations, journaling prompts, advice, essays, and interviews with inspiring creatives.

I’ve written about getting negative feedbackwaiting for other people’s approval, and the inevitable down cycles in a creative life. I share what’s inspiring me, what books, films, and TV I’m consuming, and I give you discounts on my retreats.

For paying subscribers, I also offer concrete advice for those seeking resources for a career in TV & film: I’ve asked execs what they want from TV pitches, I’ve explained how to teach yourself TV & film structure, how I got my agent and managers, and a lot more.

Little Things always approaches self-care with humor, optimism, and accessibility. Spirituality is not a commodity and that truth is crucial to everything I write and explore.

In a nutshell, I approach self-care like this:

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the suffering artist trope is out. taking care of yourself creatively & spiritually is in.


Ali Vingiano

A human woman trying her best. TV writer (The Morning Show), director, producer, actor, teacher. I travel the world and host writing & Yoga (writeandflow.com). Subscribe to my newsletter Little Things for writing on craft, creativity, and happiness.